Moody Cats And Messy Nights Out

I don’t know about you but when I frequent Twitter or Facebook I see amongst followers and friends, avatars of the weird and wonderful including:

  • moody cats
  • cherished family photos
  • logos of favourite bands
  • messy nights out, etc.

But that’s Twitter. As far as LinkedIn is concerned, there’s a common acceptance that your LinkedIn picture should be serious and businesslike. However, you can overdo the seriousness.

Recently, a study at New York University found that people whose faces made “a positive, upward-curving expression” (that’s a smile to you and me!) in their profile pictures seemed like more reliable business professionals. As TIME put it; “Choosing an exemplary photo just got more involved: new research suggests looking at least a ‘little’ happy in your picture will make you appear more trustworthy and approachable”.

There is an emphasis on ‘a little’ happy, frowning, big smiles or laughing wasn’t seen as being trustworthy. But of course, you need more than a slightly happy expression for a winning LinkedIn profile. To discover what the 9 key ingredients are to the perfect personal profile, simply download my free E-Book: 10 Tips To Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile.

In case you were wondering here are my tips to the best LinkedIn profile picture:

  1. If possible, use natural light instead of a flash.
  2. Make sure you have a clear background.
  3. Be aware of what’s around you, and try for a white background so the focus is on your face.
  4. Using your smartphone is fine, but try to use a tripod.
  5. Look up at the camera, not down.
  6. Dress professionally Don’t try to be funny.
  7. Smile showing a natural, relaxed expression