1 to 1 quick and easy LinkedIn Support

Perhaps you are too busy to give up a morning, maybe the dates don’t work, or maybe you live outside of the UK? Perhaps you’re not keen on discussing your business in a training course with a group of strangers?

If this sounds familiar and you know your LinkedIn profile is not as effective as it could be and you would like the support that a 1:1 training event gives, then the Power Hour is just what you need.

This 1-hour session on Skype (or phone) with Steve, is dedicated to working through your LinkedIn profile and will make sure:

  • You can be found, build trust and credibility
  • You learn how to find, connect and engage with your ideal prospects
  • You get to ask all those questions you think are too simple to ask

Within just one hour you can make leaps and bounds of progress with help from the expert, to speak with Steve about just what you could get from this powerful 1:1 session, enter your details and speak with him for a no obligation, no strings attached chat.

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You Need The Power Hour

Steve Doyle is one of the UK’s leading authorities on LinkedIn, investing just one hour with him will not only transform your LinkedIn profile but also your outlook!

Steve helps many businesses make sales they never knew they could make, just from implementing strategies he uses every day to make sales in his own business.

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Does This Sound Like You?

 “I’ve got a LinkedIn profile, but I don’t really know what to do with it, let alone how to make any money from it”

In just one hour, Steve will walk through your profile and tell you exactly what you should be doing to attract your ideal prospects, how to build relationships and how to convert them into paying clients.

 “I accept requests and connect with people I don’t really know just so I have more connections – but what difference does it make?”

Steve will tell you why this may – or may not be – a good idea and what you can do to optimise your profile so it’s more attractive to your target market.

“I know I need to do more on LinkedIn, but I don’t have any time for workshops, I wish someone could just tell me straight so I can get on with it”

In just one hour, you will know everything you need to in order to make LinkedIn a real money-maker for your business.

Steve only has capacity for 6 POWER HOUR sessions per month, BOOK YOURS RIGHT NOW and start bolstering your sales through LinkedIn immediately.

“In just one hour, Steve not only helped me optimise my LinkedIn profile, he also showed me how to target, connect and engage with prospects I was desperate to talk to. Guess what. Within just 2 days, I’d secured over £5k of business just from LinkedIn”

 – Cat Jackson, Founder and CEO of The Marketing Revolution

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