It’s all about me!….(it really isn’t!)

I am often asked what is the single most important tip that I can give to help to improve a LinkedIn profile.

My answer surprises the audience. It isn’t the headshot, or the heading or the summary of their profile. It’s not even the number of connections, posts or recommendations on the profile.

These are all important but the most important single tip I can give isn’t about the profile itself, it is about your approach to LinkedIn.

We are all familiar with the type of picture you see below. Look at it one way and you will see an old woman, look at it from another perspective and you will see a much younger woman in profile, after a while you will see both.

It is the same when it comes to your profile. You see one thing potential clients see another.

If you look at many of the profiles on LinkedIn they start by talking about themselves or their company. How much experience they have, what products and services they offer, their qualifications. It is all about ME…ME….ME.

Well that’s understandable isn’t it, it is my profile after all? I want people to know how good I am at what I do.

Well it is your profile, but think about it from your potential customers perspective.

They come to your profile to solve a problem they have. That’s why they are there. They may not be generating enough leads for their business, they may be weighted down with admin that stops them working on their business or they are confused about a legal problem that they need help with.

What you need to do is to show them you understand their issues and that you can help.

 I call this “What’s In It For Them?” (WIIFT?) and it is a marketing principle that applies not only to LinkedIn but to just about everything you do to promote your business. This is the ability to write your profile (or your marketing plan, video script, email, flyer etc.) not from the point of how wonderful you are, but from the point of view of what problems you can solve for the reader.

So, when you write your profile have at the front of your mind WIIFT? Show them the problems you can solve for them rather than telling them what you do.

If you would like to see more tips on how to use LinkedIn more effectively download my free guide “10 Tips to Supercharge your LinkedIn profile” from my LinkedIn profile page or a direct link to the download page is in the comments below. 

This post was first published on LinkedIn (June 12, 2018):