Get recommended on LinkedIn

If, like me, you have been searching for holiday breaks (yes I know its late – it’s the benefit of having grown up kids!) I am sure that one of the first things you do when choosing a holiday, a hotel or airline is to look at the reviews page.

Whether using independent forums or services such as Trip Advisor you rely on the recommendations of others to make a judgement on whether to buy or not.

Recommendations sell.

Almost every businessperson I meet tells me that they get more new business by referrals than from almost any other source. At the same time almost none of them have a single online point for collecting these.

LinkedIn is a great way of getting and displaying recommendations, so why do so many profiles of people I know, that give tremendous services or products, have no recommendations on show on their profile?

The main reason is they simply don’t ask for one. It’s not very British to talk about how good you are at something is it!?

Independent recommendations say more about your business and services than almost anything else and on LinkedIn they are particularly powerful. The recommender’s photo, name and business details are clearly on display, so they really are putting their own reputation on the line to show their support for you.

So, if you want to increase the number of recommendations on your profile how do you go about it?

The process is straightforward. You can do this from your own profile by clicking the “Ask for recommendation” icon on the recommend section.

Asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn

You then search for the person you wish to ask for a recommendation

Alternatively, if you already know who you want to ask, go to their profile page and click the “More” button at the top of their profile. In the drop-down menu you will find “Ask for a recommendation”.

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In both cases you then simply follow the prompts.

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When you get the recommendation back don’t forget you have to agree that the recommendation can go on to your profile by clicking on the publish button.

However, there are some more tips that I have found which make the whole process easier.

First of all LinkedIn offers a standard message but it’s best if you send personalised requests. If you cant be bothered to send a personal message to them why should they be bothered to take the time to fill in the recommendation.

Also make it easy for them and be specific. If you helped them build their email list from 200 to 1500 subscribers, remind them of that. It gives them a frame of reference with which to write your recommendation. It also means the recommendation you receive will be useful to your business rather than a simple warm and fluffy “X is a nice person to work with” type response.

Only ask for recommendations from people you’ve worked with and who can truly offer something good about you. I also always ask before simply sending the request for a recommendation.

Don’t make a mass message asking for recommendations. Take the time to personally invite each person to provide you a recommendation.

The aim should be to have a minimum of 5 up to date recommendations on your profile that are relevant to what you are doing now.

Finally knowing how important recommendations can be to you, make sure you spend some time giving recommendation to others. You can do this for any of your 1st level connections by going on to their profile, click “Recommend” in the drop down and follow the prompts. 

This post was first published on LinkedIn (September 16, 2019):