Avoiding LinkedIn Could Be A Mistake

Some business owners and entrepreneurs avoid updating their LinkedIn like the plague. But it is a vital tool for marketing and connecting with customers and suppliers.

Business owners tend to exhibit a range of emotions about LinkedIn, everything from elation to dislike. But it should be a lot closer to the former than the latter. As a LinkedIn trainer and coach I speak to a lot of people about the importance of having an online presence.

Recently, one director of a UK-wide organisation told me she “hates LinkedIn”. Two minutes later she said her organisation often struggled to find new prospects. Not surprising really!

Whether you are trying to grow your reach, find content, explore opportunities or recruit talent, LinkedIn is for many, the first and last stop. To ensure you avoid the same mistakes as this Director I have included in this article a link to my free E-book “10 Tips to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile and Generate More Leads“.
. If you download the guide you will be able to explore the depth of this powerful and time saving virtual meeting place.

It will serve any business owner or entrepreneur as they build and manage a powerful network, that will drive their business forward.