4 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Summary Right Now

First impressions count, and your LinkedIn summary is one the most important elements of your profile; it’s a powerful personal branding tool and beside your headline and picture, your summary is the first thing people will see on your profile.

Make it count by using these 4 tips:

Step 1. Never leave the summary section blank:
A blank summary means the first thing a client sees is your experience section, making your LinkedIn profile look like a CV and not a place to connect with your perfect prospects. How will your potential prospects know what you offer If you don’t tell them? But stick to the point and make it crystal clear what you do. Even Hilary Clinton summed herself up in just twenty-two words (as a group politicians are not known for their brevity are they!) and was even able to add a little humour. “Wife, mother, grandmother, women and kids advocate, FLOTUS, FLOAR, Senator, secretary of state, dog person, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.”

Step 2. Use Keywords you want to be found for:
Use all available 2,000 characters, otherwise you are missing out on essential keyword optimisation. Although the MOST important spots for keywords are your Headline and Job Titles, your Summary section counts too. Load it up with keywords that your next potential client will be searching for!

Step 3: Be engaging:
Make sure your profile is welcoming, thank the readers for taking the time to visit it. Like all marketing messages think WIIFT (What’s In IT For Them) and remember the summary is NOT about you, it’s a summary of how you can help solve your customers problems.

Step 4: Get creative:
Use symbols, headers, sub-headers and graphics. No matter how interesting your story you can’t expect anyone to read a big block of text with no graphic interest. Make it visually easy to read.

An effective LinkedIn summary makes people want to know more about you and ultimately connect with you one-on-one, so what are you waiting for? Open the door to more connections NOW!