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We help businesses increase their sales by using LinkedIn effectively. LinkedIn is the premier B2B networking site. Over 750 million profiles worldwide and 29 million in the UK make it an incredibly powerful sales and marketing tool, but a lot of business people don’t understand how to get the most from it.

If you’re not using LinkedIn effectively you will, without doubt, be missing out on business opportunities. Whether you are a small business owner looking to find new customers or a sales director with a team who need more hot leads to follow up, LinkedIn can really help grow your business – and at Linking Business we will show you how.

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How We Can Help You

Sales Managers and Directors

If you are in sales and business development in a B2B market, or run a B2B sales team, you will know how difficult it is to generate leads and new customers.

Email is often ignored, cold calling doesn’t get past the gatekeeper, and companies can spend thousands of pounds on websites that never generate a lead.

What you need is a process to connect with new potential customers and start that all-important conversation with them.

If your team could find and build more relationships with prospects and customers through using LinkedIn (and without cold-calling!) would you be interested in finding out how to do this?

50 % of B2B buyers say they have used LinkedIn to support the purchase of a service or product.

Having a team trained in how to use LinkedIn will give you a competitive advantage, and it could mean the difference between your products and services being found on LinkedIn or simply being overlooked.

We show how to you and your team can develop LinkedIn profiles that are found, read, and acted upon. We also show how to find connect and engage with engage with your key customers on LinkedIn to generate sales and leads. And all without cold calling.

We have several programmes from in-house training sessions to online training courses and coaching that can provide you
with the support that you and your team need.

Business Owners

As the owner of a small business it is easy to feel overwhelmed by being so focussed on delivery you don’t have the time to promote and develop your business effectively. Yet, for small businesses LinkedIn provides a real opportunity to get your offering in front of your customer.

We live in a time where everything is researched online and if you operate in the B2B sector then LinkedIn is where a lot of that research happens. If your profile and that of your company reads more like an online CV then your business proposition won’t only be ignored – it might not even be found.

If your profile doesn’t get you noticed (for the right reasons) it will be overlooked amongst the other 21million UK profiles. If you don’t add value to the profile and make it worthwhile reading, why should a customer bother finding out more.

We can show you how to stop that happening, show you how to develop a strong personal profile and, where appropriate, a company profile page that works hard to establish your brand online.

But we will also show you how to find, connect and engage with your key customers on LinkedIn to build your network, enhance your reputation and generate leads and sales. All without being pushy or spammy.

About Steve Doyle & Linking Business

Originally a marketing and sales professional with 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world, running multinational sales and marketing teams.

But I have also run my own marketing consultancy and understand small businesses and the pressures on them.

I first used LinkedIn in 2005 but like most people didn’t know how to get the best out of it using it as an online CV rather than the sales and marketing tool it can be. 

I only realised the true potential when I used LinkedIn to build my own consulting business and when I was able to help a client finalise a €5 million distribution deal in a new market using LinkedIn contacts. Since then I have shared my knowledge and experience to help businesses of all sizes get the most from LinkedIn.

I now focus exclusively on working with sales teams, business owners and individuals in a host of different industries to show them how to use LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool, rather than them simply being on LinkedIn.